Saturday, May 25, 2013

Jill of All Trades

Whatever we've been lacking in editorials and covers lately, we've certainly made up for it in candids. You've got Instagram to thank for that! Although Daria shies away from other social media she does have a public Instagram account (@dotwillow) which you have to check out if you haven't already.

From a model so decidedly private I'm surprised that Daria chose to make her Instagram open for all to see but I'm glad she did because her photos are beautiful. And if not beautiful then they certainly let us into a clearer picture of the Daria outside of magazine pages - one that is a crazy cat lady, that loves to travel to off the map places, and has a teenage worthy crush of Kurt Cobain. Even Modelinia's noticed!


A few of her friends have decided to join the Instagram game - above are photos of Daria taken by friends, Derek Kettela and Kenny Jossick.

Any great Instagrams out there? Let me know if you have an Instagram, I'd love to see see yours! (Also how awesome are Daria's Celine slippers in the first shot? I wonder if they were a gift from when she shot their spring campaign ...). 


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