Friday, May 3, 2013

Flashback Friday : Hong Kong Luxe Spring 2002 Runway

Remember the Flashback Friday pictures I posted a while ago of Daria in her first runway shows for Comrags? I ended up finding a bunch of rare runway pics again! These are from the Spring 2002 Hong Kong Trade show (also known as Hong Kong Luxe), a showcase of up and coming Chinese designers that was presented in New York in 2001.

So far I was only aware of one picture from the show but knew that Daria had walked in more looks. And now we get to see photos of these looks!

Ahh the early naughties. If there were ever a time where cowboy hats and denim flowering vests were acceptable (this can be debated) this was it. Daria looks so baby-faced in these! I've always liked her with darker hair so I prefer this colour on her, but definitely not the cut.

There have also been a few videos released of this show, one of which you can see below. To my knowledge this was the only show Daria walked in before the September 11 attacks on New York, after which her debut Spring 2002 season was cut short.

It's always so awesome finding rare pictures like these and even better sharing them with you! Hope you had a good laugh at the styling and have a great weekend everyone!


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